Which came first?

A fitting discussion for Christmas Eve:

Yoseph: Molly, did you know you can also say today is St. Nicholas Day instead of Christmas?

Me: Yes, I did know that. But you know, I prefer to say Christmas instead because Christmas has the word Christ in it. So that helps me to remember what Christmas is all about–Jesus. Jesus was the first Christmas present–and the best one!

Y: (pauses) What was the second Christmas present?

M: Umm…the gifts that the Wise Men brought.

Y: Oh. (pauses) What was the third Christmas present?

M: (realizes this ordinal list of present giving has no end until it’s a present he can more directly relate to) A Power Ranger toy.

Y: YES!!!!! Ana, did you hear that?! It was a Power Ranger toy!

The spirit of Christmas: Frankincense, Myrrh, and action figures.

About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. I love clean closets and list-making.
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1 Response to Which came first?

  1. Heidi says:

    What was the fourth present? Likely a Palace Pet.

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