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A bad hair day

When you live alone for as many years as I did, you learn to hook your own bracelets, zip your own dress, determine for yourself if something matches, the skirt fits, or if your hair looks okay. There's no one around to ask, so you make your own determination. When I walked into the kitchen Friday morning, the kids…

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I have one!

Yesterday we were prepping the kids for a dinner at the home of some friends. Tim: "They have a little girl, but she's younger than you." Yoseph: "Uh-huh." Tim: "They have a little boy, too. He's your age." Yoseph: "Okay. But do they have a stepmom?" Tim: "Um, no. No stepmom." Yoseph, proudly: "Well, I do! I have a StepMolly!" Yoseph can really push…

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