Idle Threats

Tonight’s StepMolly parenting moment began as any standard pre-bedtime threat might.

“Yoseph, please pick up all of these toys. If there are any left on the floor after you go to bed, I’m going to put them in the trash.”


[frenzied activity, followed by a suspicious pause, and then a thump]

He then calls out, “I’m going to leave these here because I hope you’ll throw them away.”

shoe tying

He doesn’t much care for my insistence that he learns how to tie his shoes.

Touche, Yoyo, touche. You’ve bested me again.


About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. I love clean closets and list-making.
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1 Response to Idle Threats

  1. Heidi says:

    I feel like, if he and Hattie got together, they could overtake parenthood as we know it… Good thing we don’t live closer!


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