The Enemy of Good

As someone who puts a lot of pressure on herself to do everything just right, you can imagine what the holidays look like–an unreasonable level of pressure for perfection. But I love Christmas, so it is a fun thing to do do usually.

When you have stepkids, rotating holidays in the custody schedule, in-laws, your own personal traditions, and your own extended family, holidays don’t–and can’t realistically–look the same year after year. And actually, it’s strangely liberating. That’s probably surprising to hear from me; but it’s true. We were married days after Christmas in 2014 and the three Christmases we have had together, no two have been alike.

Tim loves a live tree; I do not (so.high.maintenance.). We are two for three on celebrating with the genuine scent of pine in the living room.

My mother-in-law and I tried to create a  tradition of going to the Nutcracker ballet with Ana. But life happens and we are two for three.

We started a nice tradition of adult dinner out on Christmas Eve. Two for three.

To force the children to recreate my childhood, I taught them about making a paper chain. One and a half for three (I basically did the one this year).

So while I am a little sad when I hear of friends who have regular, tried and true traditions with their families and their kids, I remind myself that it just isn’t an option for us. And I breathe a sigh of relief that I have both a mother and a mother-in-law who remind me that Christmas is about time spent together, whenever that may be.

There are 276 days until Christmas Eve. Time to make some plans!

Mexico Christmas.jpg

Christmas 2016 in Mexico–definitely a first for me!


About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. I love clean closets and list-making.
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1 Response to The Enemy of Good

  1. dollybike says:

    Can’t believe you are already starting the countdown to Christmas. It does take some adjusting when family situations change, but it is time together that counts!!! Keep reminding yourself and you’ll be much happier!


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