Exclamation point!

Yoseph’s kindergarten class has discovered exclamation points! It has changed our after school reading routine! It is more like a shouting monologue these days! And then today, the reading passage contained something in ALL CAPS punctuated by an exclamation point! OH THE SHOUTING!

Y book

We have also been working on some teacher thank you notes. Exclamation point.


Since it isn’t time for bed yet, I think it may be time for a cocktail. Exclamation point.

About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. I love clean closets and list-making.
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3 Responses to Exclamation point!

  1. Jeannie Pesut says:

    Molly – you need to publish a bound book of your blog! I love how you are taking things in stride with gaining a beautiful instant family! You are doing a fantastic job as Step Molly 🙂


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