Like Father, Like Daughter

When my parents married, they joined two of the larger families in our relatively small town. My parents had four kids, of which I am the oldest. We often hear that we all look alike.


It’s hard to dispute. We mostly take after my dad. Growing up, rarely did a week go by without someone stopping one of us in a grocery store or gas station asking, “Are you a Deuberry?”


My sweet Aunt Judy, my dad’s twin sister

So we have always had a strong physical resemblance in our family. But our similarities don’t stop there. In general, we are all sarcastic, enjoy reading, have a great appreciation for history, enjoy superhero movies, believe the best vacation is one at the beach, and love Christmas.

With such strong biological similarities in my family, I expected my new diverse, internationally blended family to be quite different. I’m sure it isn’t news to parents with adopted kids, but WOW…I am struck several times a week by the similarities between Ana and Tim. It is so hard to believe they aren’t biologically related! I appreciate the discussion behind nature vs. nurture, but I’m telling you, these things go way beyond nurture.

  • They are both night owls and definitely NOT morning people
  • Athleticism: some people have it, some people don’t. These two just do. They’re good at it, it comes naturally to them, and they enjoy it.
  • They both have a propensity for hoarding. It’s a reality TV show in the making. But God bless them, they each will sort through and get rid of things when requested/supervised.
  • Adventurous palates: Tim has a willingness to try most things, which I think is reflective of the significant traveling he has done. But I have never seen an 8 year old who is willing to try just about any food. She doesn’t always like what she tries, but wow, I give her credit for trying.
  • Did I mention they aren’t morning people?
  • Easy, ready smiles…each always has one on the ready! Just naturally HAPPY.
  • Competitive. So, so competitive.

Tim and Ana

She is a Daddy’s girl who has made room in her heart for her stepmom, too. She’s awfully special.

About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. I love clean closets and list-making.
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