The StepMom Rules

Today’s Mother’s Day post comes to you courtesy of Ana and Yoseph. I asked them this morning what the rules should be for a StepMom. Below is the interesting potpourri of their responses, aka their summary of life at our house!

Ana: “Eat protein every day.” (someone’s been listening when I explain why you can’t just eat carbs for breakfast!)

Yoseph: “When you’re a stepmom, you should never make us drink more water when we finish our water.”

Ana: “You can have good drinks like lemonade or soda when you finish all of your water.”

Yoseph: “A stepmom should never make kids get their own snack.” “Do I do that?” “No, you’re nice.”

Ana: “You should have lots of clocks.”


This one made me laugh. We have a LOT of clocks in our house, they’re a favorite decorating item of mine! Here are three of the 13 or so…

Yoseph: “You should always have a napkin in your lap or you have to count to 12.”

Ana: “A stepmom should show the kids how important it is to love their daddy.”

Yoseph: “Stepmoms should always never make us eat vegetables.”

Ana: “Stepmoms do laundry with the daughter and son.”

Ana: “Stepmoms should take the kids to the park.”

Yoseph: “And go for bike rides!”

Ana: “The stepmom should get new things for the kids’ bedrooms to surprise them.”

Ana: “Stepmoms should take us to plays and movies and the museum.”

Yoseph: “She should give us ginger (ale) when we’re sick and take care of us.”

Ana: “She should write fun things or not fun things on the chalkboard wall so we can see what we are doing.”


Ana: “The stepmom should do a countdown to special days like Christmas and our birthday.”


Ana: “When we get scared, Molly takes us somewhere else so we aren’t scared.”

Ana: “Stepmoms should pray with us before we go to bed.”

It was a sweet Mother’s Day. I felt very loved and appreciated by so many people in my life (including the kids!).

Mothers Day Ana

“Dear stepMolly, I love you becase you make me laff you are fun and I love love love you doing my hair! You are the Best Best Best Best step Molly enyone can ever have!!! Love, Ana”

About mollydeuberry

I am a daughter, sister, wife to Tim, StepMolly to Ana and Yoseph, and mommy to Harry. My favorite holidays are Black Friday, Christmas, and the day they announce Academy Award nominations.
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1 Response to The StepMom Rules

  1. Heidi says:

    Love love love… You have done this step mothering thing with patience and grace. I’m really, really proud of you.


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