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A decade in Indianapolis

This week marks my 10 year anniversary in Indianapolis. There are lots of funny stories, amazing memories, embarrassing moments, and experiences for which I am grateful there are no photos. A lot happens as you grow up from your mid-twenties into your mid-thirties…a high level Top Ten overview seems appropriate.

10. …years in Indy!

9. Number of pedicure places tried in order to find the best pedicure place. (City Nails at 65th & Keystone. Seriously.)

8. Years spent with a non-smart phone. The red batphone may no longer ring, but I still can’t let go of it.

red bat phone
A 2013 photo in which I claimed it was on its last legs. Clearly I was wrong, as it lasted another 12 months.

7. Number of flat tires I had, at least four of which Katrina, pictured below, had to help me solve.


6. Nieces and nephews acquired! They have fallen in like stairsteps. Starting with Claire Anne, who will celebrate her 10th birthday this fall, I have loved being an aunt to Millie (age 7, belongs to Abby), Job (age 5, belongs to Heidi), Mason (age 4, belongs to Sarah), Harriet (age 3, belongs to Heidi), and baby Eloise (two months old, belongs to Abby).


Some of the kiddos at our wedding

5. The number of places I have called home: two apartments in Plainfield (across the hall from each other, actually), an extended stay hotel for 6 months on Rockville Road, the world’s best downtown apartment in the Block building, and now, our home on the northeast side.

4. Number of trips to Disney…only one of which was with kids. A huge shout out to Jen and Cory for being my partners in crime on this.

cory jen
Taken in Lafayette, not Disney, but a fun evening with these two

3. Number of black Chevy Equinoxes owned.

Here is one of them…

2. Two adorable stepchildren who made me StepMolly. And finally, of course…

ballard stepkids
Drumstick Dash 2014 with Mayor Ballard, who then officiated our wedding a month later

1. One amazingly patient, kind, handsome, respectful, talented, and humorous husband, the likes of which I couldn’t have imagined I would ever have in my life.

first photo together
Our first photo together, Indy 500 in 2014

I have a lot for which I am thankful!



  • dollybike
    Posted March 29, 2016 at 10:18 pm

    What a fun top 10, with lots of memories. So glad that the Craft family has entered in those memories in recent years. Love you lots!!! Dolly

  • Cory
    Posted April 5, 2016 at 12:49 am

    I’m famous! Love the top 10 list. I request more of them.

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