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A different type of milestone

Becoming a stepmom to a 5 and 7 year old meant that I missed some of the most memorable milestones–first step, first words, potty training, etc. But I’m learning that there are other unexpected milestones along this path of child-raising.

I truly enjoy fixing Ana’s hair each morning before school. But one day she asked if she could do her own ponytail. I had a fleeting moment of sadness, but then realized that this is how it’s supposed to go–I do it for her until she can do it for herself. And then SUCCESS if she is able to do it for herself. Sure enough…she did it! I made a huge fuss.

I have learned that she loves it when I curl her hair with the curling iron. I recently ordered  one with a smaller barrel to use on her hair. She was so excited when it arrived! We practiced using it cold so that she would know safe places to touch when it’s plugged in. She had an instant attachment to it; she started carrying it around the house. Here, she is watching TV one evening, snuggled with her blanket and her curling iron.

Ana Curling Iron

She did successfully curl the front pieces of her hair this week–no burned fingers but lots of smiling from both of us. My heart was full of pride.


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