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Ups and Downs

I make a LOT of parenting mistakes. Overreact about something small? For sure. Resort to raising my voice after a couple of attempts at getting someone to follow directions? You bet. Bribing children of all ages and stages to do something by promising food or toys? I am here for that. But every once…

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Identity Shift

Two months before Tim and I were married, I changed jobs. It was a different type of role than I had held previously. Though I was excited about it, I felt myself overwhelmed by the transition. It was more than the job, of course. It was a career shift as well as a new job;…

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Harry the Toddler

Harry recently turned two. The jumble of emotions that statement creates in me is dominated by one: relief. Relief that we are through two of the worst years of my life. But, really? Whoa, that's a pretty bold statement, you may be saying. Sure. It is. And it's true. We had a baby who didn't sleep. Turns…

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