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Yours, Mine, & Ours

Have you ever seen that movie? The original one? It's very sweet. It has to be one of the first movies about blending families. Filmed in 1968, it would have been too scandalous for the parents to be single because of divorce, so instead, it's the love story of two widowers who marry and combine…

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One of THOSE People

I think it's happening. The carefully constructed glass box of my life with all of its structure, organization, and borderline OCD behavior has now developed hairline cracks. I had a realization this week that I am now one of THOSE people. It happened as I pulled away from a drive-thru window. I am now one of those people…

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Can I get an amen?

Our kids attend a nearby Catholic school, but on Sundays, we worship at an evangelical church. If you have a baptist or an evangelical (or combo, like me) upbringing, it isn't hard to imagine the many, MANY differences between an evangelical church service and a Catholic mass. Pre-Church Panera Breakfast Treat, December 2015 Church isn't for entertainment or for…

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Terrorist Negotiations

These may look like just a dish of canned French cut green beans with bacon, but they are really so much more. They are the subject of a lunchtime terrorist negotiation. Yoseph does not like to eat. Well, wait, that's not true. He likes to eat candy, pancakes, and candy. Actually, there are lots of things he…

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Exclamation point!

Yoseph's kindergarten class has discovered exclamation points! It has changed our after school reading routine! It is more like a shouting monologue these days! And then today, the reading passage contained something in ALL CAPS punctuated by an exclamation point! OH THE SHOUTING! We have also been working on some teacher thank you notes. Exclamation point. Since it…

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