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Part-Time Parenting

Probably five years ago, I started saying things like this: "I don't think I want to have biological kids. If I ever get married, I think being a step-parent is a great idea." "Step-parenting has to be like Parenting Lite. You're only on the hook for 50% of the time! Piece of cake." "I mean, it's really the best…

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A Friendly Competition

The first time I met Ana and Yoseph's mom (over margaritas, a setting I highly recommend for any ex-wife/new serious girlfriend meeting), she shared that Ana is definitely a daddy's girl. That is undoubtedly true. And it has made it that much more satisfying over the last year and a half that Ana and I not only love each other,…

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The Thank You Note

I became StepMolly to two kids who already had some pretty great habits: great manners in general, excellent table manners, and better grammar than I have most days. I came into their lives in the summer before 1st grade (Ana) and the last year of preschool (Yoseph). So it was just about the right time for…

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Flashback Friday

Facebook reminded me today that one year ago, this was my post. "This week's adorable stepparenting moment brought to you by Ana, when I picked her up from Daisies. With her friend Gabriella in tow, she said, "Molly! This is my friend Gabriella. Gabriella, this is my StepMolly." Seriously, how adorable is that?!

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Never a Good Sign

There are certain things that parents learn early on mean trouble: quiet toddlers; the sound of a splash from the other room; a high pitched shriek of any kind. What I have learned is that long trips to the bathroom usually spell big trouble. Tonight was no exception. After many days of a stomach virus, Yoseph appeared…

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