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Badges of Honor

This morning I enjoyed breakfast with one of my sisters in Lafayette, our standard halfway point between our homes. As we chatted away over cups of coffee, I caught sight of something strange out of the corner of my eye. What WAS that on my shoulder? As my finger reached to remove what I was sure would be a piece…

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In October, we spent a week with my family at the beach. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season made me reflect on that week of physical closeness (15 people! One house!) but also time of quality bonding. I am reminded that my "instant family" choice of a year ago meant changes for my extended…

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Which came first?

A fitting discussion for Christmas Eve: Yoseph: Molly, did you know you can also say today is St. Nicholas Day instead of Christmas? Me: Yes, I did know that. But you know, I prefer to say Christmas instead because Christmas has the word Christ in it. So that helps me to remember what Christmas is all about--Jesus.…

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It’s all new to me

Most of what I discover about life with kids are things that wouldn't surprise any seasoned parent. But I went from zero children to a life instantly integrated with two mobile, verbal, active children, so there are bound to be surprises. One of the things that I still can't wrap my mind around is that children…

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