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It’s the little things

What do these two pairs of shoes have in common?


They represent two of the biggest challenges I have witnessed Yoseph confront: learning to tie his shoes and learning to walk in flip-flops. I was reminded about the flip-flop challenge when I pulled out their summer clothes over the last week.

Again I’m struck by something unexpected about this little boy. Did you know that people don’t just inherently know how to walk in flip-flops? Or at least I know of one little boy who doesn’t. I discovered this last spring when we bought them for him ahead of our trip to Florida. I assumed his frustration in Kohl’s as we tried them on was just because he was generally frustrated with the shopping trip. But when he actually wore them for the first time in Florida, I’m telling you, he tripped over his own feet no less than three times and straight up fell down. It was so hard not to laugh!

Here’s hoping summer 2016 will bring our sweet, gangly boy a little more coordination and willingness to try something new. Otherwise, he’ll be wearing those tennis shoes to the pool!

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  • Dolly Craft
    Posted April 30, 2016 at 2:33 am

    It’s heriditary!!! I can’t wear flip flops either – hurts my toes, fall off, I trip. Let’s get the boy some other kind of beach wear….

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