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Never a Good Sign

There are certain things that parents learn early on mean trouble: quiet toddlers; the sound of a splash from the other room; a high pitched shriek of any kind.

What I have learned is that long trips to the bathroom usually spell big trouble. Tonight was no exception.

After many days of a stomach virus, Yoseph appeared much more like himself today, even making it through an entire day of school. However, after dinner, an extended visit to the bathroom was cause for alarm. He came back to the kitchen table and sat very still (very unusual for this–and any–6 year old boy).

Tim gently asked, “Are you okay, buddy? Does your tummy hurt? Did you go poo?”

Yoseph sighed and answered, “Well, you know know how when you go poo and you wipe and sometimes you just wipe part of it? Well that’s what I did. So the rest of it is in my underwear.”

Can’t make this stuff up.

All of this happened about 20 minutes after he persuaded us that he had a shower at his mom’s house yesterday, so didn’t need one here. We rescinded that agreement quickly.

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