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Speaking their language

I am a huge proponent of the Five Love Languages. My primary language, especially to express, is gifts. It’s not uncommon for me to buy the kids something while they’re gone, whether it’s something they need or something I think they would just enjoy.

Recently, Ana needed new undies. Not the most exciting thing to buy, but I was tickled to find a package of day of the week underwear. I was unprepared for just how much she would love them. I really wish I had a video of the shrieking and bouncing when she discovered them on her bed.

She promptly took every single pair out of the package and excitedly lined the couch with them.

She was not this excited when I bought her a new toy, a new dress, or a new book.

This was easily the best $6.99 I’ve ever spent at TJ Maxx.

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