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Terrorist Negotiations

These may look like just a dish of canned French cut green beans with bacon, but they are really so much more.

green beans

They are the subject of a lunchtime terrorist negotiation.

Yoseph does not like to eat. Well, wait, that’s not true. He likes to eat candy, pancakes, and candy. Actually, there are lots of things he does like. But he so rarely is hungry enough to eat what’s in front of him for the sake of hunger. He is a good fruit eater, but more picky about vegetables. Given his penchant for sugar and for the sake of health generally, we always have a vegetable at dinner and at lunch on the weekends. So today it was canned green beans with bacon. This dish is rarely met with resistance. As a matter of fact, twice this week this has been the vegetable of choice without a problem.

But today he decided he just wouldn’t do it. He and I had already had a challenging morning together. So the cherry on this Saturday sundae was this degenerating into tears, sobs, nose-blowing, and general wailing.

No cute StepMolly story or anecdote here…just a moment of reality when previously single, childless Molly who argued parents should “make” kids eat certain things collided with StepMolly’s emotional exhaustion from terrorist negotiations with a six year old over a dish of green beans.

He won the battle. But there will be no dessert, even after dinner (tacos, no hard sell there). So maybe there’s a chance I will win the war.

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  • Cory
    Posted April 5, 2016 at 12:50 am

    I wasn’t sure who you were referring to here: “degenerating into tears, sobs, nose-blowing, and general wailing.”

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