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Things Sure Do Change

Every once in a while I have a moment when I realize how different life as StepMolly is.

Reality Check #1: Floor Mats

I had such a moment last week in Wal-Mart (ugh, I know). I was in the market for new floor mats for my vehicle. I stared in bewilderment at the pricing, not remembering them being this expensive. Then the light bulb went off. I have previously only bought mats for the front seats, never the back seats. I never really had back seat passengers.

Reality Check #2: Neighborhood Nature

“Oh my gosh!” I gasped one morning.

“What?” Tim replied groggily.

“I can hear the birds!”

His silence was all the reply I needed to realize how ridiculous my statement was. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with squirrels and birds and occasional raccoons. But five years of downtown living, right in the heart of the city meant the only tweets you heard were those of Statehouse staffers as they found their way back to their cars in the evenings.

Though we’ve been married and in this house for over a year now, I still smile to myself when a moment’s peace enables me to hear the little birds tweeting. (I don’t smile as much when I hear the neighbors’ dogs bark at 10pm, though.)

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