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Valentine’s Day Cheer

This morning, we exchanged valentines with the kids since we don’t have them this weekend. They were also excited to open valentines they received in the mail from Mimi and Poppy (my parents). As I unsuccessfully tried to use my phone to record the kids in a thank you video, I commented, “I’m not very good at doing videos.” Yoseph smugly responded, “Well, Mommy is good at doing videos.”


So I responded in my most upbeat voice, “Maybe Mommy can teach me!”

Ana,¬†ever the peacemaker in our house, chimed in, “But you’re good at being a stepmom!”

Oh, Ana. You melted my heart today and cheered my spirit.

Ana's Valentine B
My valentine from Ana

And the pretty flowers from Tim and the kids were a bright spot in my Friday, too!


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