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God Cares About Legos

No, seriously. He does.

God cares about Legos.

At the beginning of July, I ordered a pack of Lego “guys” for each of the kids as a surprise. Avengers for Yoseph, Disney princesses for Ana. Yo’s arrived early but Ana’s weren’t projected to arrive until sometime between 8/1-8/22.

She handles disappointment so much better than the average 8 year old, but this situation did stick with her a bit. When she asked just how soon we could expect her package to arrive, I explained the very long timeline. In an attempt to cheer her for dealing with her long wait period, I said we could pray that God would make her package arrive early. However, that would mean it would need to arrive two weeks earlier than the earliest date declared by the almighty She and I prayed together and then I texted my family to ask them to pray. After I tucked her in that Tuesday night, she asked me to pray once more that her Lego princesses would arrive early. I agreed.

On Wednesday when I picked the kids up from day camp, she asked if I had gotten the mail. “No, I haven’t been home since this morning,” I explained.

When we did arrive at home, there was no luck at the mailbox by the road.

I tried to lower her expectations as I pulled into the garage. Even though it was 4:45pm, “…maybe they will still come. Or maybe Dad picked them up earlier today.”

We walked into the kitchen through the garage. There, in a stack on the counter, were several packages of things I had ordered. Tucked inconspicuously between two large ones was a tiny white envelope addressed to Ana.

Seriously, I started crying. Why am I so surprised when God answers the prayers of a little girl with growing faith? She was excited and I was simply speechless. I had prayed with her, reminding God that though this was small in the long run, it was important to us. And He answered our prayers. And I was still surprised?! Shame on me and my little faith.

I texted my sister Abby to share the great news and thank her for praying along with her two older girls who are 7 & 9. She shared our great news with her girls and texted, “God is awesome. The girls aren’t surprised at all. Claire [age 9 going on 19] smiled and just said, ‘Yeah, we prayed for that. I knew He would’.”

Dear Jesus, thank you for restoring my faith in how much You care about the very small things. If You care about the small things like Lego princesses, I am reminded of how much You care about the large things! Thank you for reminding me that you have all aspects of my life under control, even when I don’t.

Lego princesses
Ana & her Lego princesses

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